Saturday, January 18, 2014

What is angkringan definition

For local residents and domestic entrants, this food stall is well known, and even become a kind of lifestyle of people of Yogyakarta since long time a go. So, it's more like a small cafe where people hang out, eat, drink, and talk. You can easily find it at various points in the city. Do not comment on their appearance of simplicity, but first try the menu. For most locals, the menu in angkringan is more grounded and fit with their tongues than the restaurants, as well as oferring affordable price . So, what is angkringan definition ?
Angkringan comes from the Javanese word ngangkring. This implies sitting back cassually. So angkringan definition can be translated freely as a stall of traditional food to eat and drink while sitting relaxed. Generally, It is located at the corner of street, storefront, and vacant land which is is not utilized, of course with the consent of the land owner. Sego kucing is the favorite and main menu in this stall. Fans of angkringan in Yogyakarta mainly come from the students. Angkringan appearance in Indonesia is typical. It consists of a cart containing food surrounded by seating made from bamboo or wood for customers. The roof is covered with a tarp. It uses light from petromax lamps, or sometimes use traditional kerosene lamp so that the lighting seemed dim as in the cafe.
Most of angkringan owner came from Klaten, especially from Cawas sub district. There are angkringan merchants using their own capital, but some merchants are supplied with cart and food / beverage as a loan from skipper. A skipper in Cawas and surrounding areas may have 10 merchants, with large total revenues. But nowadays angkringan business sometimes is run by people from other regions, because this business has been widely spread in other major cities, such as Bandung, Semarang, several cities outside Java island in almost the entire country, even Jakarta. So if you ask what is angkringan definitionn exactly, then the answer is complicated, because it is related to every aspect of this traditional stall. The most important thing if you are touring in Yogyakarta, you should try to enjoy this exotic way of hanging out.

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